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In 2015 Eddy County purchased the training facility at 1400 Commerce that was previously operated by the Permian Basin Regional Training Center (PBRTC).  Eddy County Fire & Rescue now operates the training center which is available for use by municipal fire agencies in the region.  The facility includes a 5 story training tower with an warehouse fire prop, a 2 story structure with a simulated hotel room fire and commercial kitchen fire, a single story residence with multiple fires, a tank truck fire, a train, a tank battery fire simulator, as well as building collapse and a Class A single story burn building.  There are several expansions to the training facility currently being planned.

Effective January 1, 2018 the Eddy County Fire Service has assumed full possession of the Eddy County Fire Service Training and Administration Facility due to the Permian Basin Regional Training Center (PBRTC) closing their doors after many years of service. Eddy County is proud to announce that we will be continuing to have this great resource available to all fire departments and private industry moving forward. We have also partnered with Eastern New Mexico University to continue to offer Emergency Medical First Responder, EMT Basic, and EMT Advanced courses, along with EMS continuing education courses. We are also actively working on establishing a community based CPR/AED course that will be offered monthly to community residence.